Data Migration (मराठी विश्वकोश प्रथमावृत्ती)

This was one of very prestigious and massive project. We are proud developer of Marathi Encyclopedia website & Marathi Dictionary website. Marathi is one of very few languages in world having own encyclopedia. Originally this project was started in 1960 with print media. As media of publication changed over period of time, Government decided to host this project online. This was trusted with CDAC – Government’s own IT Company…

CDAC hosted this project on 22 separate websites. This was huge technical blunder. Also the data was not uploaded properly. So no article had proper title, image nothing. The whole project was messed despite having huge data and resourceful articles.

Marathi Language Department trusted us to handle this project. We took 28 days with a team of data migration experts and collected whole data in 22 sites in one place, cleaned it, provided correct titles and images and finally this website is now online. And even though on subdomain, this is one of most popular sites in Marathi Language.